[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It is vital that you consider where to store your legal documents as they must be kept safe for the future.


Each year in the UK there are an estimated 64,000 household fires, 1,000,000 burglaries and 2,000,000 homes at risk from flooding. If your documents are damaged they may become invalid and your wishes may never be carried out.


Your legal documents contain sensitive personal and financial information which you may wish to remain confidential.

accidental loss or damage

It is easy to misplace important documents that are kept in the home, especially during a house move, for example. Documents are usually easily replaced but your legal documents are unique – they are a ‘one off’ and can not be easily replaced like a bank statement or a share certificate. You only have one Last Will and Testament and, if lost or damaged, your wishes may never take effect.

Secure storage with safe document storage

Safe Document Storage will store your documents in a secure environment, maintaining comprehensive insurance and returning your legal documents when required. You are welcome to store Wills, Powers of Attorney, Land Registry Paperwork, Title Deeds and any other related documents in our facility.   Contact us