Funeral costs 2013 Large Purchasing a funeral plan delivers peace of mind for you and your family when funeral planning.

Thinking about purchasing a pre-paid plan can be an uncomfortable thing to do. But pre-planning your funeral is actually a thoughtful and responsible way to show that you care your family.

  • Protection against rising funeral costs
  • No more to pay for your funeral director’s services – guaranteed
  • Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want
  • Guaranteed acceptance – regardless of age or state of health

Pre-planning and pre-paying at today’s prices means you can choose the funeral you want and the director’s fee for it are paid, no matter how prices rise in the future.

Perhaps even more importantly, your family are spared the emotional and financial burden of organising your funeral, with all the decisions and problems this can entail, at a time when they least cope.

Golden Leaves Limited has been at the forefront of pre-paid funeral plans for over 25 years. Since 1984, tens of gl logothousands of people throughout the UK and overseas have chosen to plan ahead and purchase a funeral plan with Golden Leaves.

Purchase a pre paid funeral plan right now and you pay today’s prices and your money is invested in a secure independent trust for both its protection and to ensure future growth. So however much the actual costs rise in the future, your funds are secure and all of the services outlined in your chosen arrangements will be fully funded.

Straight forward funeral planning You can take out a funeral plan at any age and there’s no medical or health-check.  You simply plan your funeral today, then get on with your life! And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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