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Community Group Talks We work with local communities around England and Wales to raise awareness of some real life issues that affect families every day. One way in which we get our message across is by being the guest speakers to hundreds of groups across the country, we don’t charge a fee for our talk and we never deliver a company presentation or sales pitch, we simply provide an insight into this complex but interesting area of the law and help people understand what steps they can take to protect their assets. Whilst our message is serious, our delivery is informal and delivered in plain English. Your members can be assured of half an hour (up to 1 hour if required) of thought provoking content, including a question and answer session at the end. Our speaker will focus on the issues of Inheritance Tax, Long Term Care Fees and the effect of divorces and re-marriages on a family’s wealth. They’ll also provide an insight into what steps can be taken to protect against these threats. Contact us for further information.

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